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Diné Writers’ Collective

Saad Bee Hózhǫ́

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Saad Bee Hózhǫ́ can be understood as “according to language or voice, it is beautiful and harmonious.” This lifeway encapsulates the power of language and our responsibility to our communities in the stories that we tell.

Saad Bee Hózhǫ́: Diné Writers’ Collective is a home for storytelling. We support Diné writers at all stages of their literary life, not only in publishing their written work but also reaffirming and reintroducing Diné writers to our ancestral stories and ways of being.


Saad Bee Hózhǫ́ is a celebration of land, language, and k’é, which are woven into the beauty we live as Diné.  

Amber McCrary


Saad Bee Hózhǫ́ was created from a convening of Diné writers called “Diné tséékos haz’ánigi: A gathering of Diné writers” held at Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, New Mexico in 2017. This event was organized by Diné writers and educators Irvin Morris and Manny Loley. The name itself, Saad Bee Hózhǫ́, is derived from the poetry of acclaimed Diné poet, naat’áanii, and hataałii Rex Lee Jim.

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